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Ferrari Owners Club DOTY 2009 – Cameron Highlands

November 3, 2009

Before 2009 runs out, FOCM organized its inaugural Drive of the Year 2009. Flavor of the month is Cameron Highlands. On the early morning of 15th August 2009, 20+ Ferraris converged at their Club House parked inside the ultra-modern facilities of Ferrari Malaysia’s NazaItalia. There the members were treated to an elaborate breakfast spread while the Ferrari mechanics made sure the cars were in prime form.


At about 9.40am the members were flagged off to the first stop. As always a herd of prancing horses creates quite a show stopper and the public roads were very kind to keep the group intact. After a fuel stop at Sg Buloh Rest Area, it was a straight drive up north to Simpang Pulai.



At Simpang Pulai, the group was joined by the Northern Ferrari Owners and together, proceeded to Cameron Highlands via the north route. The roads were simply awesome. From short straights to long sweepers, the V8s and V12s filled the misty hills with an eerie howl. Those with manual shifts worked hard to keep the paddle shifts at bay but in due time the technology gets by. The Ferraris were in their element and their owners grinning wide.




Once arrived at the destination hotel, the members had the traditional Teh-Tarik ‘champagne’, checked-in and preceded for lunch amidst the rolling hills and strong hints of tea leaf industry. After lunch the members were taken for a private tour of the highlands encompassing scenic tea plantations, strawberry fields and the lot. The group then proceeded back to the hotel to get some overdue rest.







Come dinner, an elaborate feast with outdoor barbeque was set up and the members ate and sang merrily. It also provided a good platform for the new members to get use to the clubs’ hospitality; which was, very hospitable. The night ended with warm drinks outdoors on the hill side.






The next day, members had an early day of golf while the rest went shopping and sight seeing. At about noon the group departed for the next destination which was Tanjong Tualang, for seafood lunch. The route takes the group back through Simpang Pulai giving the members one last pass through the beautiful sweeping hills before continuing though another set of stunning B-roads at sea level to destination.


All though it took an hour to arrive at the restaurant, the participants were rewarded with a grand spread of fresh delicacies. There were river and deep sea fishes, few types of crab dishes, big head prawns, meats, vegetables and local specialties. The high light of the meal though were the trade-mark giant fresh water prawns which were caught to order the night before. They were so large, each would have made a complete meal by itself and was sized as thick as drinking cans. It was a wonderful course-like meal which took the best of 2 hours to complete, but all plates come up clean as Malaysia Boleh prevails.


In the end it started raining and soon the members began their trip back to Kuala Lumpur. The trip was an exceptionally relaxing get away and when you go holiday with a group of prancing horse mates, it becomes spectacular- Cheers to the organizers, what’s next?


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