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2014 Most Memorable Drive Eats

January 5, 2015

Happy New Year and welcome back to work peeps. To kick start 2015 with zest and enthusiasm, this round we pay homage to our annual appreciation of food. As much as we love our cars, gatherings and drives, often our excursions are also centered around searching for good eats. Especially in Malaysia where food culture is just as vibrant as the motoring scene, this results in a rich selection of gastronomy delights, served big or small.

So here are some eats we have "met" along our journeys that have made an impression on our tongue in 2014. It does not have to be expensive or exclusive but for the simple fact that it provided joy and satisfaction to the soul along our journey. Just like a welcome drink at the lobby after a long transit, if it closes that book, we are happy campers. Some are non halal so viewer's discretion is advised. In no particular order.

Curry Laksa in SS2. Looks unassuming until the you discover thick coconut cream lurking beneath the surface...

Tandoori, Dhall and Naan @ Taman Tun. Consistent, Moist & Healthy too.

Sang Har Loh Mee @ Sepang. The soup's broth is infused with the prawn head...

Fried Tofu @ Kelana Jaya. It should not be this tasty...

Ruthub, Yemeni Soft Bread @ Solaris. Hints of char on this moist "prata" like bread, unique flavour.

Durian puff @ Karak. The king of fruit, reimagined in a crispy puff pastry vessel. The warm musang king inside is just as potent as the original fruit itself.

Char Siew @ Glenmarie. Crystal pork belly with few nutrients but ample in flavour. Your best friend will be a doctor.

Kampung Ikan Bakar @ Subang. Fresh fish traditionally prepared. Simple but very satisfying, the only way to eat Mackerel.

Eggplant Stir-fry @ Kuchai Lama. Veges should not be tastier than meats all the time.

Strawberry and tomato chiled soup with prawn @ Lucern, Switzerland. Executed very well, fruits and vege shine again. Although overseas, it was a drive event. So this counts.

French Oysters @ Bukit Bintang. Fresh and the nice ambience helped. Again, good seafood away from the ocean.

Fried chicken mixed rice @ SS15. Crispy, tasty, big portions and a 20 meter waiting line.

Roast duck @ Seapark. Only 200 birds cooked per day, served to you steaming and sweating in its own juices. Another wait in line dining experience.

Pepper Soup @ SS2. The perfect amount of heat infused with crustacean and meats broth. Enough broth to bring on a soar throat.

Pork Liver Steak @ Oberfell, Germany. Revelation, Discovery. Crispy onion rings over grilled thick-cuts drowned in brown sauce. Even elders consume it daily. Should be healthy then...

Surf and Turf @ Sultan Ismail. Fresh produce and cooked with respect, in the city.

Sotong Sambal Nasi Lemak @ Port Klang. No one makes it better then a friendly Nenek with her Cucu helping. Insane and does not leave the mind. Not enough Sambal.

Sarawak Mee Kolok with Siew Yuk @ KLIA. The most potent Siew Yuk consumed till date. Crispy, Crunchy, Savoury, Tender, Few proteins, Melts in your mouth, Swallow, Sinful, Repeat. Doctors are your best friend again.

Steamed fish head @ Glenmarie. Taste assault from all angles and big on portion. Stomach will be filled and happy. Need more rice.

Salt Baked Haruan @ Puchong. On the opposite end of the taste spectrum. Naturally sweet and firm from live quality produce.

Curry Fish Head @ Genting Highlands. Consistently good, coupled with cold highlands weather and an exciting driving route equates to a party for the senses every time.

So these are a few of the highlights from 2014. Maybe you have been to some or even all. Heres to a better 2015 and our continued advertures on the road and table tops. Best Wishes to our partners, customers, friends and to all a Happy New Year!

Special mention

Recently our beloved Malaysia was hit by one of the worst floods which displaced hundreds of thousands of residences in many states across the country. Seeing this, our friends at the Ferrari Owner's Club of Malaysia, rallied together and raised over RM200,000.00 to assist the affected. As to make sure the donations went to the right people, members themselves flew direct into the heart of the floods.

Arriving early in Kota Bharu, up to 7 hours was spent travelling on boats to access the deep stricken areas. No names were remembered as villages were submerged under water with only roof tops visible. Now done with their second trip, they are planning a third campaign this time to Temerloh.



Looking at some of the pictures received, our hearts sank immediately. Some families had to cling onto trees for the night as their homes were engulfed by the rising water. Businesses had mud lines up to their roofs.


As flood water levels begin to recede, more and more people are coming to the aid of the displaced. This time hands on, direct and on the ground. What a promising sight as  people from different parts of the country would come to the aid of a stranger, from a totally different walk of life. This makes me proud to call myself a Malaysian, and the time to rebuild a stronger nation is under way. Our prayers are always with you Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh!


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