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Salam sejahtera Malaysia! Welcome to KLRegistry

Even with today's websites, apps, social network and technologies, why are we still asking ourselves; Where to buy good cars? or is it safe?

So here we present, a bespoke auto gallery showcasing the best cars for sale, crafted especially for you. Built with almost 5 decades of automotive experience, unrelenting passion and uncountable sleepless nights, your wish has finally come true.

Simple to use, fast to communicate and beautiful clean data. Now every seller is really at your finger tips. We work furiously to chase away the fake sellers and scams callers! If the sellers misbehave, please report and we will take action. Think quality not quantity.

In the past month we have been flooded with emails of support and suggestions which we are ever grateful for, so please keep them coming. If you are unhappy with our services, please tell us. And if you are satisfied, like & share!

Connecting Real Sellers To Real Buyers,
KLRegistry - The Real Deal


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