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Akash Niel Nandy wins Asian Lemans!

August 6, 2013

Congratulations to home-grown Akash Niel Nandy! At 16 years old, he did Malaysia proud by being the youngest ever participant to compete in Lemans. Then to top thing off, he goes on to win his debut race; setting new records for the series.


Sponsored by China’s KC MotorGroup, Akash partnered Brittan’s James Winslow and Ireland’s Gary Thompson for a 3 hour assault at the Inje Speedium in South Korea in the first leg of Asian Lemans. With experience in many types of race machines, he quickly got accustomed to the LMP2 class Morgan-Nissan and advanced steadily during his stint.


Under the local radar, he also races for JTCars collecting many trophies along the way. Not bad for a boy who does not even have a driving license. Onwards to more success and all the best!


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