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JTCars 57th Merdeka Sea Escape & Trackday

September 2, 2014

Happy 57th Independence Day Malaysia, on this special occasion we were able to get our toys shiny and went rolling to the coast.

Thanks to the celebrations that went on till late the night before, it was understandable that our rendezvous took 4 times longer to assemble. Some did not sleep even, but this was becoming the weekend norm. So a bevy of Ferraris and Porsches gathered ready to attack with maximum-moderate force. It was one of our driver's 25th birthday coincidently so a virtual birthday cake came along to our seaside destination Port Dickson.

Traffic was pretty kind to us along the journey and we were covering so much ground that we decided to detour to Kuala Lumpur International Airport to see one of our nation's pride. Business was as usual as many travellers packed the departure/arrival halls. But that did not stop them from getting their handphones out to take pictures of our motorcade. Good time to spot some ideal parking lots as we will be going to Europe later this month.



So after that nice detour we continued our drive via Lukut. Traffic was a bit tight heading to Sepang town but after that it was 10 minutes of pure driving fun. The skies were in the clear and the greens were rolling seamlessly from bend to bend. We need some form of epic drive song to follow the visuals; something with drum rolls and a 90's electric guitar...



This part of the route was always satisfying. The roads were recently paved and was pretty debris free so our car's paint work and footwork were grinning from ear to ear. As we neared PD Town, the sweeping roads turned to traffic lights and T-junctions. PD being what it is still provides the clear road, smooth traffic and serene beaches, on que.



The destination was Admiral Cove Marina, our faithful watering hole by the seas. Days like these we spend quite times listening to boat engines thumping through still water and the noisy bar fan screeching in the back drop. Compared to the pace of the city, this is like hitting the pause button on your television remote control; as like-minded peeps share motor chats while waiting for the world's slowest fried rice and world's fastest steak to be served...

For the occasion, this time a drink company sponsored us with some tasty treats. They say it would add more zest to our seafaring ways. Yes it did and it was tasty. So thank you drink company!

img_8758Drink Responsibly. Don't Drink And Drive. Serving Suggestion Only


There was quite some traffic on the board walk this time around. Apparently there was a Merdeka Luxury Showcase happening with jewellery, cars and boats being the theme. Then one of the sales operators of the marina came up to introduce herself and invited us for a showcase. Delighted, we took up her invitation and joined in the festivities an hour later, after our pineapple fried rice eventually arrived.

Birthday boy had a favourite and he chose an 80ft yacht/boat/ship, cleverly skipping the smaller ones. So we all went on board. Although into fast cars, we were not the boat savvy type so we behaved a little crude. But how could we be blamed honestly, when a "boat" does not resemble a boat....


Does this resemble a boat?

img_8782It looks more like a small apartment doesn't it?

img_8791The kitchenette of a 600sqft apartment maybe?

img_8780Another queen-sized bed at sea?


img_8777A walk in wardrobe... Ensuite bathroom, Steam room, Living room..


img_8801Alfresco Dining


Suddenly we felt the yacht move as the engines came to life. What's happening? As a treat for birthday boy (maybe?), the marina operators decided to take us out to sea. Very NICE.



As the yacht coasted out of the marina, a warm feeling of escape ensues. Such a vast horizon of blue makes us feel so tiny. And the yacht cutting through the gentle waves so gracefully. You can feel the $$$ under your feet slicing though water like a hot knife through butter, steadily. Then in the open sea, the Captain let the throttle rip.



The further out we went the better the yacht became. Stable and "planted" are the only car terms coming into mind. It wasn't going at 100kph but it certainly felt like it. Thanks to the wind and sea breeze.

img_8830The top deck was made of carbonfiber. Car nuts love them. Conversational piece

img_8859Our Schumi for the day

img_8982Smells like Ibiza to me

img_8909As we return back to shore, quaint little Port Dickson actually looks pretty nice from the sea.




img_8940A hint of tropical Maldives too

img_8776Thank you for the hospitality guys, next time we take you to the track!

Speaking of track, we were on que for the next destination. Some friends invited us for a trackday and seeing that we were going to pass Sepang Circuit anyways, we dropped by.


Days before, Porsche officially launched the new 991 GT3; their latest track herald. Moments later, off the mantel and its rolled on to track to prove her credentials. It was a Sport Cars time trial event and many brands came out to play.

img_9010Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Mclaren the lot


img_9007The Fight Club

And how did the Porsche performed?... Fastest of the day, first time out, like German clockwork.

After a day out at sea and at the track, Sunday finally ran out of daylight. As we returned home for dinner, we just realized we started at breakfast... It was truly a productive Merdeka day.

BUT before we end:

#TOP 5 Malaysian Flags "Sported" on Merdeka's Day 









And #No.1 is




Brandishing matching shoes and patriotic bike livery, this gentleman and his buddies gave us the thumbs up. We returned the favour and convoyed back to KL at matching pace. The beauty of Malaysia and her people.

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