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JTCars Completes Merdeka Endurance Race 2013

September 5, 2013

Yes the tittle reads correctly. At last, we have successfully completed the grueling 2013 Merdeka Endurance Race. Although it was our second campaign, it was certainly no walk in the park by any means. The amount of drama that took place was enough to last 2 racing seasons.

But in the end we pulled through and finished 8th from 20 starters in class! Seeing that only 22 cars completed the grueling 12 hour race, we were proud that our team had overcome all obstacles one at a time until we crossed the chequered flag.

A big round of applause goes out to the JC Racing crew for tirelessly putting the car back together after many bouts of dog fighting; resulting in broken suspension, gear boxes and the lot. Time and time again the car went out after the repairs and performed its duties by the book.

With only 2 practice sessions upon arrival from Japan and Singapore, the drivers did a wonderful job behind the wheel. They jumped in, got acclimatized to front wheel drive and started racing. Feeling the car throughout, they tastefully brought the car across the finish line minutes before the engine decided to wither.


A special mention goes out to team Brothers in Racing, for their act of selflessness. As our car was down with a damaged selector fork, they generously donated one from their retired race car so we could continue the race. If only politicians were more like minded, there’d be no wars.

They say if you want to finish first, first you have to finish. Exciting times this then is. Because now that the finishing part is done, the next target is winning!



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