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SCC Long Week End Drive

January 31, 2013

It’s the holidays again!?! Felt like a very short working week (Only 3 days..). So how did last weekend go?

Congratulations to Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia for winning the Supercar Club race held at Sepang’s go kart track. With only 2 drivers available for this race, team Ferrari qualified 4th on the grid. After a bad start and cold tires, the team eventually climbed up the order to take the win. Previous round’s winner Porsche finished 5th this time and Team Lamborghini was disqualified from 2nd after a weight ballast issue. In the end, the results were Ferrari first, with Lotus securing second and third. Well done to all the finishers!




The Sunday Car Club had a race of a different kind that night. Starting at 12 midnight, it was a race to catch the biggest fish in Rawang fishing pond. In contrast to the race held earlier, this was quiet and peaceful.  The “endurance race” lasted 4 hours and in the end, the winner was in the form of a 16kg Alligator Gar followed by an 8kg Cat fish.





Since Saturday night was filled with much action, Sunday’s drive started late and the destination this time was lunch at Port Dickson’s new waterfront. It was a nice place to hang out at with clear blue skies, wide sea views, cool breezes and cafes lined along the beach. The members took their time to savour their lunch and the sports cars parked seaside attracted many onlookers. It made the waterfront quite lively and helped generate some activity for the surrounding businesses.  After some good talk and walk the members started their journey back home. Since the last 24 hours was quite eventful, they earned Monday off as well. See you soon!






Picture credit:
Eugene Lim



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