The Drive In Automotive & Bangsar Village Supercar Charity Drive

December 29, 2010

It is an amazing phenomenon when you invite Malaysians for free meals that fewer than estimated would come. But when something is done for charity, more numbers than expected normally show up. This was especially true during the recent and BangsarVillage’s Supercar charity drive held on the 19th of December 2010.


Days before, 40 cars responded to the charity drive. But on that Sunday morning, a total of 85 cars called to arms making it one of the most successful last minute charity event of the year. Less than a week from Christmas, it was amazing to see so many supercar owners flock together for a common goal.




There were the current desirables like Lamborghini Lp670, Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche Panamera and Lotus Evoras as well as the classics like Ferrari F355, Porsche 993, Lamborghini Diablos and Lotus Elises.


The charity drive was held in conjunction with BangsarVillage’s “Kids for Kids” program. Each charity ticket sold for RM30 and it entitled the contributor a ride in one of the supercars present. From there the proceeds would be channeled to various children foundations and homes. Amazingly all 300 tickets were sold out in just 2 hours! The supercar owners found themselves working hard giving charity rides, turning the Bangsar shopping area into an expensive motorsport carnival!




JTCars took the opportunity to preview the highly anticipated AMAE Fight Night 2010 event, giving the public a taste of what was in store on the 30th and 31st of December 2010. The Malaysian contingent fighters were present to give a sparring demonstration and to create awareness for the martial arts ‘Tomoi’ or ‘Muay Thai’ as many call it.




At the end of the charity drive, the drivers breathe a sigh of accomplishment as the last of the 300 charity rides ended. An elaborate lunch spread was provided to nourish the body while many loosened their shoes and cooled off. JTCars then announced that all participants from the charity drive will get 2 invitations to watch Fight Night 2010 live at Arena Telekom Museum on the 30th Dec for their selfless contribution towards charity.




All in all it was another successful outing as there were no incidents and the supercar owners were able to do their bit for charity. The public’s contribution was fantastic and the organizers did a great job of providing support for the seamless event.

Next up, AMAE Fight Night 2010. See you there!


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