The Drive In Automotive Sunday Stroll

April 11, 2010

Some nice shots from our recent Sunday stroll. Sunday was beautiful as ever. The usual crew with Porsches, Ferraris and the lot, cramming up Genting Coffee Bean. The simple pleasures!



And then one of our members brought us to a waterfall. It was simply awesome! Nestled deep in the forest, we journeyed off the beaten path till the roads went narrow and we set a foot. You could actually hear the loud gushing of the waterfall before its visible and once you arrive, the view was simple spectacular!

There was a single 40+ft waterfall pouring down onto a small lagoon. Even though it was about noon, it was very cooling as the tall jungle canopy mostly enveloped and the mist from the falls blew down stream. Apart from the local orang aslis, there were not many visitors as the location was isolated and you can tell by the crystal clear waters. Good Find!



A great nature-inspired ending to a morning which started with roaring engines. Join us?



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