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JTCars Sunday Mornings @ Genting Highlands

March 12, 2015

How fast have 2015 zoomed on. Before we know it, its already mid-march. And we don’t even recall the past months events. It was exciting none the less and we only have you guys to thank for the moments.


Its been a while since we last went up hill and thanks to some hard cranking we finally did a drive at the eleventh hour. Nice to see a healthy variety turn up and the road enroute was clear with exceptionally cool weather.


Good time then, to put our latest Varukt creation on the ground to get her legs stretching. And on this first run she stretches well. Still being half way to completion, she is showing signs of promise and with the top down, a real joy to drive. Painstakingly built during after hours, we are happy she finally sees the light and fresh air.


Speaking of fresh air, sad to see our favourite uphill course pillaged by accelerated development. Thanks to ongoing clearing and cement trucks the scenery is turning grey. Now making your favourite videos may not be possible as countless speed bumps and giant ripple strips bump your teeth loose.


For the past decade we have visited Genting, it was pure joy, even just to cruise or have a late night snack. Different motoring clubs would meet by the hoards and we celebrated diversity on a level only Malaysians know how.


Now the road are monotonous with busses, taxis and few other colours. Up top bikers and cars fanatics lose their rendezvous point and pictures are not so exciting anymore. Its a pity that with some tweaking a whole mainstream culture can vanish. Have we seen the passing of a legend? Will Genting become another Cameron Highlands? Could another route fill its shoes? Only time will tell…

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