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JTCars SuperCars Charity Drive Penang 2010

August 24, 2010
The wonderful island of Penang roared to life when a hoard of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Porsches and GTRs paid visit. In one of our most successful last minute plannings, 47 supercars made this journey all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Taiping, Alor Setar and Penang in the name of charity.
The journey started from Sg Buloh RnR on Friday where the members checked in and had a quick lunch. By 1.30pm the convoy was complete and we made our way up north. Along the way more friends from neighboring states joined in the convoy as we continued the journey. In about 3 hours the group arrived at Juru Toll and police out-riders were set to bring the Supercars into Penang Island.

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The route into the island took us across the famous Penang Bridge and through the city. As the drivers drove along Batu Feringghi, a sense of relaxation lingers and most weariness disappeared. As the cars arrived at Holiday Inn Resort, a festive like atmosphere greeted the drivers along with refreshments and light eats. Off for a good shower and short rest then, every one loosens their shoes.
The first evening dinner was hosted by 69 Mansion, a nouveau beach club. Alfresco, Wines and BBQ greeted the ensemble Penang-style. There was music, sand, wind and good talk with a lot of cheers along the way. As the night continued, some retired early while the rest went in search of famous eateries. One thing Penang is known for is good food at every corner.
Despite an adventurous evening the night before, everyone was up early the next day. Breakfast by the beach is made more joyous especially when good friends are together. The most exciting program lay ahead.
At 10.30am, the million Ringgit Supercars revved their engines and their song awoke the entire beach drive. Guests peeped out from their hotel windows and some appeared with cameras, business owners ran out from every shop and even the hotel chefs came out to see. The bustling stretch of Gurney Drive suddenly halted to witness the colorful and shapely motor show.
After 30 minutes, the convoy flagged off from the hotel front with police escort and headed towards Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang. This time, our charity was raised in aid for Rumah Seri Cahaya, Rumah Shan and The Mental Health Association of Penang. Every participating driver donated RM350 as part of the charity drive while some members forked out an extra RM1000, RM3000 and even RM6000 as separate donations! With the collection received, we were able to donate RM8000 to each home.

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From the complex, drivers had their pictures taken with the kids and each supercar ferried a child back to the hotel. As if the kids were delighted when they saw the convoy appear, they were even more ecstatic when being driven through Penang town in the supercar convoy. Even the Bentley Flying Spur had its fair share of entertainment when 5 small heads emerged out from its sunroof. In the Ferraris, the sound of V8 engines revving keep them amazed and they ask for more after every corner!
As the convoy arrived back at the hotel, hotel guests and media were already present to meet the kids and take pictures of the cars. As in a carnival like atmosphere there were many balloons, screaming kids and bustling crowd. After a few more pictures, everyone headed for lunch at the dining hall. YB Danny Law Heng Kiang, State Exco for Tourism Development and Culture was able to grace our little effort with his presence and presented a welcoming speech to all. “Penang welcomes you!” was the vibe and the drivers cheered with fondness.
Before lunch resumed, 3 cheques of RM8000 each were presented to the 3 home. The CEO of Mansion Sixty-Nine also donated another RM6000 bringing the total of this charity drive to RM30,000.00. In such a short span of time, the amount collected exceeded all expectations. As a token of appreciation, the Supercar entourage presented the YB Danny Law with a Ferrari Enzo model for his kind support. Holiday Inn Resort then presented the Supercars Owners with a commemorative plaque handmade with seashells found at the hotel beach front. After the proceeding, lunch resumed, followed by more screaming children and colorful balloons.
After lunch the kids were treated to a surprise. While playing on the beach, two boats appeared on the shorelines. As life jackets were passed around, they became excited after being told they would be going island hopping! One by one the kids enter the boats as their guardians scramble to make sure everyone is in check. As the boats headed for the horizon, it marks the end of this charity drive. For the drivers, this meant they would have some well deserved rest before heading home the following day.
In the night, a final dinner was held for all the participants. As the sumptuous spread and drinks went around, the hotel also prepared entertainment for the guests. The highlight was certainly when the drivers were able to show off their other talents… namely belly dancing and also singing! After dinner many went their own way to explore Penang city, the night markets and some more food.
The following morning, the drivers had their final beachside breakfast and serenity. By 11am, all the cars were assembled and a police escort led the supercar on a short tour around Penang famous landmarks and attractions. After an hour of taking pictures, the convoy finally headed for mainland and towards home.
Although this charity drive was organized at last minutes notice, the enthusiasm and compassion shown from each participant was truly amazing. From different locations, walks of life and busy schedules, everyone was able to come together for one common goal which was charity. The spirit of 1 Malaysia is certainly evident in this movement. It has been a short but memorable weekend. Here is to more happenings together!


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