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JTCars wins Lotus Enduro Finals

October 31, 2012

We would like to extend a million thanks to the Lotus Club for inviting us to their friendly Lotus Enduro Challenge finals. We needed a minimum of 2 drivers to participate but as not many people were around during this holiday period, the drivers we got had to be imported from Paris! As Mr E and crew were on their 12 hour flight back from France, we offered to pick them up from KLIA. But instead of sending them home, we diverted to the Sepang Circuit.

As he may be tired or jet lagged, we let him loose during the afternoon open track day so he can come up to speed. After an hour on track, we proceeded to the go kart circuit located nearby. It was fortunate that the organizers provided dinner as the crew did not have lunch and was running on empty. The trusty Toyota Alphard carried the travelers and allowed for 5 winks before the race.

The 2 hour enduro started at 8pm. Surprisingly the weather spared us this time and the track remained dry amidst passing rain clouds. We entered the heavy weight category as the lightweights were over crowded but added a 10kg ballast as result. As usual, the best strategy for an enduro is an uneventful 1. No spins, no drama and just stay on the track. But we didn't have any of that. The gokart we had broken down twice, thanks to ambitious overtakings and heavy feet.

In the end, we finished the race without even crossing the finish line. Short of 2 corners, the drive chain came of the kart and our campaign came to a halt. Fortunately, there were only seconds left in the race and we had created a sufficient lead. By the time the countdown became zero, we were still registered first in class and stunned not to say the least. That’s racing for you.

Congratulations to all the winners!


picture credits: Brandon Lim

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