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Largest Ferrari Gathering in Malaysia!

November 19, 2010

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One Hundred and Forty Four Ferraris. If you were at Pavilion that morning, it was the number of cars that rewrote the Malaysian Book of Records for the largest Ferrari Gathering.


Back track 2 years ago to 2008, Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia (FOCM) held their inaugural “Big Breakfast” gathering in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. At the time, it was one of the first events organized by the new committee of FOCM after a long period of hibernation. The target then was about 30 cars simply gathering of some breakfast and good talk. As friends called friends, that Sunday morning saw a total of 54 cars turn up and the organizers were truly astonished. As the Ferraris gathered, it attracted a lot of attention and soon a carnival like atmosphere formed with plenty of smiles from the host, guests and visitors. Many would have seen uploaded videos of the 2008 gathering on Youtube which proved very popular.


After 2 successful seasons for FOCM, the new 2010 committee decided to repeat this feat. The goal was to break the 2008’s 54 Ferraris attendance, 2009’s 100 Ferraris Gathering record set by NazaItalia, Official Ferrari Distributor in Malaysia, and to form the longest Ferrari convoy on the road. It was certainly a tall order, with D-Day being a month away, but with the “Malaysia Boleh!” spirit, the project was given the green light.


On the morning of 31st October 2010, the stage was set. Days of planning and meetings had led up to the final hour before 9am when the first Ferraris were due to arrive. 140 Ferraris were registered for the event but the anxiousness for that attendance number was running on high. By 9.30am FOCM had broken the previous Big Breakfast record as 65 Ferraris had arrived but that was merely half of the expected arrival. The numbers continued to grow steadily until Ferrari number 96 arrived marking a slow down in Ferrari count.


Nevertheless by 10.40am, Ferrari number 101 had arrived and everyone was ecstatic as a new Malaysian record was announced. By then the crowd at pavilion had swelled into the hundreds and they were just as joyful as the owners themselves on hearing the new record. Apart from the gathering taking place there was fashion shows, dance performances, contests and lunch to keep the crowd entertained. Most of the owners though found themselves busy mingling and catching up will fellow friends. When the final Ferrari number 144 arrived, the organizers and members alike were overjoyed at the record shattering feat. Not only did the numbers break the previous record but the attendance was also more than anticipated.





At noon, all the members gathered for a group photo followed by an announcement by Malaysia Book of Records on the new official record. With a helicopter hovering above the gathering, the Ferrari engines started to sing as the convoy to Maju Express went underway. Traffic along the famous Bukit Bintang stretch was at a standstill as hundreds of euphoric spectators and media flooded the streets to see the red convoy in motion. Clearly visible from the air, 131 Ferraris formed a single file spanning almost 4km long! Amazingly the convoy remained in formation for the entire route and the view from inside the cars was simply stunning












At the end of the convoy, the Ferrari owners gathered one last time to savor the memorable occasion. Although this event was planned at last minutes notice the Ferrari owners showed true enthusiasm, blocking of their calendar for this special occasion. Especially at year end when most would begin their travel, this was certainly the main factor which made the event a great success. Here is to sharing the passion together!

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