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SCC Food Trip to Tanjung Tualang

August 23, 2012

Our friends from the Sunday Car Club (SCC) invited us to a "Celebratory Festive Drive Feast". Known for their extremism likings from cold to hot, fast to slow, we tagged along although the invitation was grammatically obnoxious.




So we met at Malacca where all the cars rendezvoused. Some of our old friend and customers were there and what seemed like last year was actually many years out of touch. Those, whom were only children, were now driving the sports cars we sold to their parents… How time flies! Oh my…


Spin of the wheel and the destination this time was Tanjung Tualang, Ipoh. One of the members was a frequently flier there and special arrangement was made with the local natives or “orang asli” to catch only the largest fresh water prawns. Sounds delicious already, and off we went.

The sports car convoy provided plenty of entertainment as the journey took us through highways, B roads and very technical twisties. The roads were surprising clear and the weather stayed blue through out. It was the perfect day for an outing.


In about 3 hours we arrived at out destination. It was a modest little restaurant but don’t let the appearance fool you. Once under it's canopy you see a dozen aquariums, all with palm-sized fresh water prawns looking back at you. And they say it looks bigger out of water. We can’t wait!

The restaurant was very packed as we arrived smack in the middle of lunch time. But they were ready for us. Once seated and waiting, most of the fresh water prawns in the tanks were emptied. And it wasn’t long before this appeared. It was not a giant fresh water prawn, it was a pet! Omg thats bigger than your plate!


Hoards of sumptuous food came pouring out. The lunch highlight as pictured above also came out a plenty. Between our 3 tables, there would have been at least 90 giant fresh water prawns. All freshly prepared, big and very sinful. Another forte of this restaurant was it's Steamed Soon Hock fish. It was among the best we had, and we have had plenty.

It was a big lunch. One that would see us suffer on our long drive back home. Due to the excitement of the lunch event, this was the only picture that we were able to take. We hope to improve our documenting skills at the next “Celebratory Festive Drive Feast”. Cheers!



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