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SCC Port Dickson & Trackday

October 12, 2012

You know it’s been a long time since you’ve been to Port Dickson when the merchants there call up to ask what’s happening. The Sunday Car Club decided to appease the community and spend Sunday’s breakfast seaside. Meeting at Dengkil Rest Stop, the 9am rendezvous saw members turning up late for the first time; attributing to a late Saturday night in the office. A likely story. So the group was complete after a lengthy teh tarik session and at 10am, proceeded to PD for two morning stops.


First stop was breakfast at the Petronas nasi lemak stall near town where the locals swear by its “Sambal Kerang” with tons of Kerang, onions and adequate spiciness. Oppa KL style, the SCC crew parked by the main road, re-regulating traffic speeds. It wasn’t too bad as many locals parked akin. After a good dose of morning spicy, the SCC proceeded to the next venue at Admiral Marina for their trademark tea time: Champagne, red wine, teh tarik, coffee, orange juice and mineral water. All that was fluid slowly went down in a few hours.



Then, the SCC received a call from the SAYAmy race team. Remember them? They were having a test day at Sepang International Circuit with their Lotus racecars and invited the SCC to join them. Since SIC was along the way home, the SCC decided to jump at the offer and soon proceeded to meet the crew.

Cool skies and a quite track greeted the SCC. Their cars were given a quick check by the SAYAmy team to make sure the cars were track worthy and no fluids were leaking. First timers were given pointers on how to drive their cars and were then let off onto the track with an instructor. Although not going very fast, this gave the drivers a good introduction to the Sepang Circuit and how their cars behaved under track conditions.



A surprise came when the SCC was offered to test one of the team’s racecars. Shod with slick tires and the works, the members jumped at the opportunity. We were amazed how easy the car drove and how much more friendly the track became. Although the Lotuses had much less power than the cars we arrived in, it effortlessly went much quicker. The SCC had fun learning to drive a proper race car. But care was taken as the car on loan was standing 3rd in the MSS Championships.


After a few hours, the SCC was tired and soaked in sweat from being in a racecar without air conditioning. Packet lunches provided some sustenance and many started resting in the shade. With tired bodies and enriched minds, all drivers proceeded back home delicately and driving within the speed limits. What an experience the day turned out to be. Till the next Sunday Car Club drive! Join us?

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