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Tokyo Car Spotting

January 9, 2016

In Shinjuku, a Dodge Viper convertible sleeps quietly.


A very neat Chevy Camaro dressed in all black.


Under a bridge in Shibuya, a Roush Mustang awaits. Complete with the angry hood scoop. Could very well be the real deal, supercharged


And we arrive at the famous Shibuya crossing. The right thing to do would be to get a cuppa at Starbucks and watch the world go by.


Coffee and cream cheese apple cinnamon bagel in hand. We sit warm and look out.

Immediately a Porsche Cayman goes past.


Then a Ferrari California.


Worthy of mention is a VW Kombi with a DB9 Volante behind her.

There were plenty of G55/63s in Tokyo. Alleys and Carparks included.


As the pedestrian lights turn green, we rest our eyes.


As we continue, Evo 6 Tommi Makinen edition joins the list.


And a 400i. Still looking good though not everyone loves them. We do.


The unmistakable 993. Air cooled love.


Seeing that it was New Year Eve, we relocated to Roppongi Hills to catch count down.

But first Dinner. Another assault. Again no need to order, the chef just brings out what they like. Having friends in the culinary trade may not be the best for your health’s interest. But challenge accepted.


Uni Shashimi with rice. Cholesterol Overload. There is more uni in this one serving than a whole year patroning Japanese restaurants back in Malaysia. Paired with preserved plum, ginger, mint leaves, wasabi and a raw duck egg yolk. The healthiest ingredient in this dish may be the spoon. Of the Japanese uni variant, but our tongues cant differentiate. Uni is uni. And lots of it is fantastic. Thumbs up.

So we arrived at Mori tower after that insane meal. Not expecting much, the 53rd floor is packed full of revellers waiting for the countdown. At 11.59pm, this was the skyline, Tokyo Bridge on the right and Narita airport in the distance.

At the stroke of midnight the hundreds of people counting down to a big celebration with fireworks were greeted with this.


A minuscule fireworks display on the horizon. Never the less, loud music came on and the Japanese did their thing.

So u can’t expect everything to be crazy over the board. But we had fun. Including being crushed in the subway as thousands commute home after count down.


And we flew back the following day. Tokyo was short but fantastic. As always the small things impressed the most. From the food to the people and all their beautiful cars. With a scant 24 hours of day light in Japan we traveled more than a 1000 kms by car, train and foot. Every one there spent heaps of time with us in that short period making sure we were alright. As it was the new year, the Japanese usually stay home with their families or are at temple during this period, so we are very touched by their hospitality.

Great way to start the new year. 2016, have a great year peeps. We end this broadcast with a piece of tuna sashimi.


Then again, it didn’t feel right to start the new year without including Malaysia. So a morning drive was arranged for when we land.

5.30am we touched down and were back at the shop at 6.30am. The cars were ready, prepared by the crew days before.


Like clockwork the morning pilgrims are awake and we headed for the usual weekend mecca. Genting. We replayed what we did in Tokyo, Japanese, Continental, American, British, drive, Touge and feast.

Every weekend, like its your last

There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home

Air Cooled

Breakfast of Champions

Battered, tired, sleep deprived, sticky, dirty and smelly. Feels great to be home. Happy New Year Malaysia!

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