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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (201810)

March 11, 2018


1. 2018 Peugeot 508 - France's Five Door Fast Back

2. Pirelli Has Invented A Tire That Can Communicate With Your Car

3. Mclaren BP23 Will Be A 3 Seater Hyper Grand Tourer Surpassing 243MPH

4. 2019 Volvo S60 Spotted Without Camouflage

5. LVCHI Auto From China Unveils Electric Limo That Does 0-62mph In 2.5secs And Tops 177MPH

6. Lightly Covered Facelifted BMW 7 Series Spied With Enlarged Kidney Grill And Other Cosmetic Updates

7. Ruf's 510hp SCR Looks Like A 911 But It's A Carbonfibre Monocoque Rocket That Tops 199 MPH

8. AMG Says It's Reasonable To Speculate That Project One Could Be The Fastest Car Ever On The Nurburgring

9. Toyota's CGI Film Shows The New GR Supra In Action

10. Aston Martin Is Considering The Use Of Mercedes's Inline Six Engine Especially For Markets Like China

11. Rimac C_Two Has 1900hp Of Electricity That Will Bring It Up To 258MPH

12. Toyota Gets Into The Ride Hailing Game With It's Translog Device

13. Techrules's Ren RS Burns 80L Of Diesel To Return 727 Mile Range and 7,722nm Of Torque

14. Aston Martin's Lagonda Vision Concept Is An Autonomous EV With The Finest Handmade Interior

15. Gran Turismo Game To Reveal Audi e-Tron Vision GT Concept In April

16. Porsche 911 Hybrids Could Come With North Of 700hp

17. Pininfarina HK GT Is An EV Gullwinged GT Concept

18. KLRegistry's pick of the week: Toyota Caldina 2.0 GT Four Turbo '2006 RM53,888

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