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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (201818)

May 5, 2018


1. Volkswagen's New Hyper Hatch GTi TCR Is The TCR Race Car Let Loose On The Streets

2. Business Has Been Good For Ferrari As Production Is At Full Capacity Till Next Year, Only The GTC4 Lusso Is Available

3. Volkswagen's New Touareg First Inline To Get Night Vision

4. Aston Martin & Triton Have Completed The Design Phase Of The Project Neptune Submersible And Will Commence Production For Unveiling Later This Year

5. Production Kia Nero EV Unveiled At The International Electric Vehicle Expo

6. Rolls-Royce's High Sided, All Terrain Cullinan SUV To Be Revealed On May 10th

7. Bugatti Has Been Confidentially Showing A New Variant Of The Chiron Hypercar To Prospective Customers

8. Aston Martin Reveals 2019 GT3 & GT4 Vantage Race Cars To Replace The Outgoing V12 Vantage Machine

9. All New Replacement Bentley Flying Spur Caught Testing In Nurburgring, Uses The Same Platform As The Porsche Panamera

10. Singulato Reveals iS6 SUV EV With Rear Suicide Doors Due In China Showrooms By Year End

11. Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn Faces Multiple Charges Relating To The Dieselgate Emission Test Cheat Scandal

12. Mercedes Benz Classic Is Remaking Body Parts For The 300SL Gullwing

13. Automaker Glickenhaus Reveal Teaser For 2020 SCG004 Road And Race Cars

14. New Lotus Exige Sport 410 Revealed With a 0-62Mph Time Of 3.4 Seconds

15. 2019 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid Has An Electric "Over boost" Function, Allocating It's Electric Power To Acceleration Just Like The 918 Spyder 

16. 2018 Porsche Macan Mid-Life Facelift Reveals Updates Lights & New Facia

17. SRT Teases New Challenger Hellcat Snorkel Hood Sitting On Top Of A 6.2L Supercharged V8

18. The Brabham BT62 Revealed With A Dry Weight Of 972kg And A £1M Price Tag

19. KLRegistry's Pick Of The Week: Porsche Boxster S 2017 RM568,000.00

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