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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (201910)

March 10, 2019


The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake has arrived

Shock, horror: it’s a car revealed at this week’s Geneva Motor Show that you might actually be able to afford. Say hello to the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake - the swoopy estate version of the four-door coupe version of the A-Class hatchback. And as you’d expect, mechanically it’s basically the same as those cars. That means a load of petrol...

BMW i8 Roadster “4 Elements” Art Car Will Help Clean Our Oceans

An unofficial BMW i8 Roadster art car will be auctioned off to support The Ocean Cleanup, an organization dedicated to removing plastic from the world’s oceans. This i8 Roadster has been customized by Czech artist Milan Kunc and is dubbed the ‘4 Elements’, with the colorful paint aimed at highlighting many of the environmental issues our planet is facing.

The Next Aventador Will Have a Naturally Aspirated V-12 and Supercapacitors

Back in 2017, Lamborghini showed off an electric concept car, the Terzo Millenio, that used supercapactitors instead of batteries for energy storage. Then we learned it's building a hybrid hypercar with supercapacitors and a V-12, codenamed LB48H. And at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani just told us the Aventador successor is getting similar hardware.

Mercedes-Benz SLR To Return? Daimler Renews Trademark

Mercedes-Benz could have plans for a new SLR sports car after parent company Daimler moved to renew the trademark this month. The Drive first spotted the trademark renewal and reported the news on Thursday. The automaker officially filed the renewal on March 1 via a New York-based law firm. The "SLR" name last appeared on a Mercedes-Benz in the form...

McLaren Senna GTR Revealed With 814 Horsepower, 75-Car Limited Run

McLaren has revealed its limited-edition track car based on its Senna hypercar, the Senna GTR. In the GTR, McLaren takes the already blistering Senna—named for historic McLaren Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna—to a new level by increasing power output, decreasing weight, and making the car's already aggressive aerodynamics even more so.

Pagani Making Huayra Replacement With Both Gas And Electric Powertrains

Pagani is planning on bringing a replacement to the Huayra with either gas or electric powertrains. As far as Italian supercar makers go, Pagani isn’t exactly quick to pick up on the latest trends. It comes from making roughly 40 cars per year--that doesn’t leave much wiggle room to insert some innovation, such as an electric powertrain or even a...

New Volkswagen Golf: eighth-generation hatch spied undisguised

The launch of the new eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf has been delayed until early 2020, according to reports from Automotive News Europe. ANE quotes Volkswagen sales boss Jürgen Stackmann as saying: "We think it's better to come early next year with a full throttle offensive. It doesn't have anything to do with production. It's a sales decision since you don't try...

Hyundai wants to turn your smartphone into a car key

Hyundai on Monday unveiled a smartphone-based digital key that can unlock and lock the doors, start the car, and more. The automaker said it may begin introducing near-filed communication on its cars as soon as this year in some markets. The digital key tech is part of Hyundai's move toward car-sharing, which it expects will take off in the future....

Acura to Reveal Its Sportiest Sedan Yet at 2019 Pebble Beach

Three years after tantalizing us with the Precision concept, Acura has yet to apply its sinewy design to its entire sextet of sedans, crossovers, and a supercar. The 2019 RDX crossover is the first full realization of the brand's Precision Crafted Performance design language, and aside from the NSX supercar, right now it's easily the best-looking new Acura. But that's...

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Refuses to Die as Alfa Introduces Updates for the 2020 Model Year

Introduced in 2010, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is very long in the tooth as of 2019, but this isn’t stopping the Italian firm from keeping the hatchback in production with mild upgrades. Following a small facelift in 2016, the Giulietta shows off a new update at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Unfortunately, it’s far from impressive.

All-new Fiat 500e aka 'Urban Tesla' set for 2020 Geneva Show

Even though today marks the debut of the 2019 Geneva Motor Show for the general public, a couple of automakers from the FCA group are already eager to talk about next year’s event. After learning that for the 90th edition of the show Maserati will be bringing the Alfieri in production form, Fiat is now announcing an all-new 500 will...

Volvo to Limit All Its Cars to 112 MPH Starting Next Year

The top speed of every new Volvo starting in 2020 will be 112 MPH, the company announced today. This is part of Volvo’s aim to eliminate all fatalities in its cars by 2020, along and other measures that the Swedish automaker is considering imposing, such as an automatic speed restriction in school zones. Back in 2014, Volvo introduced this Zero...

Lagonda All-Terrain Is an Electric SUV Concept from Mars

The Taraf sedan they made a couple of years ago wasn't exactly a smash hit. But the All-Terrain concept manages to capture some of that classic Lagonda design without looking like the dog's dinner. And it's super-crazy. That spinning disk over the dash is the key, floating using electromagnet tech. And in the press release, they talk about "roaming the...

Mitsubishi Engelberg SUV concept may preview Outlander PHEV replacement

The Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer concept unveiled at the Geneva auto show on Tuesday looks a lot like the preview of a replacement for Mitsubishi's bestselling model, the Outlander. The Engelberg Tourer concept is a plug-in hybrid SUV similar in function if not in size to the Outlander PHEV, which was once the bestselling plug-in vehicle in Europe. Its plug-in battery...

Electric Pininfarina Battista has 1,900 HP, 350km/h top speed

Let’s talk performance figures. This upcoming supercar has almost 1,900 horsepower, 2,300 Nm of torque, goes from 0 to 100km/h in 2 seconds, and hits a top speed of 350km/h. Sounds like the perfect recipe for any supercar to have. However, this car isn’t built by Ferrari, Lamborghini or any big name manufacturer for that matter. In fact, it doesn’t...

Lamborghini-inspired WATCH creates special edition race car

With an eye on the prize for the most elaborately orchestrated special edition, Lamborghini has created a one-off version of the Huracán Super Trofeo Evo. Intended to celebrate the link between Lamborghini, and luxury watchmaker Roger Dubuis, the Huracán Super Trofeo Evo Collector 2019 was unveiled at a special event in Geneva. Handily, the Swiss city happens to be the...

Citroën’s Ami One Could Do for Cities What the 2CV Did for Rural Areas

An interpretive dance and a song that made heavy use of the word “freedom”—in English—served as the prelude to the in-the-metal debut of the forward-thinking Ami One concept that was unveiled digitally last month. It’s from Citroën, one of the French automakers that won’t be coming to the U.S. any time soon. The 1948 Citroën 2CV “liberated country life,” the...

Skoda Vision iV: new concept unveiled at Geneva

The Skoda Vision iV concept has been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, previewing the Czech brand’s first electric car. The Vision iV has two electric motors – one for the front wheels and another for the rears – produce a combined 302bhp, which results in a 0-62mph time of 5.9 seconds and a limited top speed of 112mph. An...


The Hispano Suiza Carmen has made its debut this week at the 2019 Geneva motor show. The Carmen features two electric motors, one for each rear wheel, making a total of 750kW of power. Thanks to body panels and monocoque made from carbon-fibre, the Carmen is said to weigh just 1690 kilograms. Hispano Suiza says the Carmen is capable of...

New Tesla Model Y compact SUV teased ahead of March 14 reveal

A new teaser image of the Tesla Model Y has emerged with the whole car set to be revealed in LA on March 14. Elon Musk recently confirmed that Tesla the new Model Y will be revealed for the first time in a matter of days. The Tesla boss announced on Twitter that the reveal of Tesla's new compact SUV...

Porsche Taycan Electric Car Racks Up Over 20,000 Orders

Not only does Tesla have a long list of customers waiting for upcoming EV models Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said at the Geneva Motor Show that demand for the all-electric Porsche Taycan exceeds expectations. There are more than 20,000 potential buyers worldwide who decided to register their interest in buying Taycan and paid the €2,500 deposit (Europe) without even seeing...

Jeep Finally Embraces Electrification With Plug-In Hybrid Compass, Renegade

Jeep is finally embracing electricity with a pair of plug-in hybrid crossovers at the Geneva Auto Show. Fiat Chrysler has historically been a company slow to adopt change. When Tesla started making electric vehicles popular, FCA was busy making gas guzzling Challengers and Chargers, not to mention a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 700 hp engine and worse fuel economy...

Bugatti's La Voiture Noire is the "world's most expensive car"

Car manufacturer Bugatti has built a one-off sports car from carbon fibre, which has already been sold to an anonymous enthusiast for a price of €11 million. Unveiled at this year's Geneva Motor Show, La Voiture Noire – French for "the black car" – was sold to an unnamed Bugatti aficionado for an eight-figure sum. While the final price hasn't...

Morgan Motor Company sold: One of last British carmakers bought by Italian firm

Britain’s last domestically owned carmaker has gone into foreign ownership. After 110 years under the control of one family, the Morgan Motor Company is to become majority owned by an Italian venture capital group Investindustrial, which is backed by businessman Andrea Bonomi. The Morgan family will be minority shareholders and “stewards” of the brand and its famous designs. For the...

KLRegistry's Pick Of The Week - 2014 MINI COUNTRYMAN 1.6CC New unregistered RM155,888.00

MINI COUNTRYMAN 1.6CC JANPAN SPEN , LOCAL AP , Recon New unregistered.👍 INT BLACK , MONITOR , 5 SEAT , 16' S/RIM. Not charge ~IMPORT DUTIES FEE. Not charge~SST FEE. 没收费〜进口关税费用 没收费~SST FEE 客户可以要求技术人员检查, 买得放心。 Customers can request a technician to check,

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