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September 22, 2019


Toyota GR Supra officially lands – RM568k onwards

The wait is over as UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd officially launched the all-new Toyota GR Supra sports car earlier today, ready to take the fight up to things like the BMW M2 Competition and the Porsche 718 Cayman. Loyal TG followers will know by now that the new A90 Supra isn’t exactly a Toyota. For the benefit of those...


Replacing the current Mercedes-AMG GLE 43 Coupe, the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe comes with 10 more. Ten more what, you ask? Ten more units, of course! The increase translates to updates to the model, which includes swapping out a 3.0-liter V6 for a 3.0-liter inline-six, an engine configuration favorite among us Autoweek editors. Power increases 44 to 429 hp...

Toyota Has Sold 10 Million Land Cruisers

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a legend in the SUV world. First introduced in 1951 as a simple, utilitarian 4x4, it's risen to legendary heights, and remains one of the most capable new SUVs you can buy. Toyota announced today that it recently sold its 10 millionth Land Cruiser, further cementing the truck's iconic status. If you need some perspective...

Electric BMW 7-Series to offer up to 670 horsepower?

BMW's all-electric 7-Series may pack as much as 670 horsepower and offer a Tesla-topping 120 kwh battery to boot, giving BMW's large sedan the chops necessary to compete against the next wave of luxury EVs. Sources in Munich told BMWBlog that BMW is testing two variants of its coming electrified 7-Series, reportedly dubbed the i7. The base i7 will utilize...

The LY 650 is now the most expensive Lexus money can buy

Luxury automakers typically want to pursue partnerships (or even full-on synergies) to translate their craft and brand to something else. Many of them typically team up with Swiss watchmakers or come up with leather products and other luxury merchandise; standard practices, really. Lexus wanted something a little different. They came up with a yacht, and it's easily the most expensive...

Kia Admits Stinger Successor Is In Doubt As Sales Didn’t Live Up To Expectations

Kia says it is still yet to decide if it will launch a successor to its Stinger sports saloon. While speaking with Car Advice at the Frankfurt Motor Show, vice president and senior chief designer of Kia’s styling studio in Germany, Gregory Guillaume, admitted that the Stinger hasn’t been selling in the numbers the company had hoped for. “We never...

2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV shows strong in IIHS crash tests

With the new results announced Thursday for one new IIHS crash test for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, all the evidence and test results are finally in for this compact electric car. And it’s so, so close. The Bolt is so close to an IIHS Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+, that is. It actually has earned the TSP+ award...

2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Might Possess Demon's Engine

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk might get one hell of a sendoff before its replacement arrives for the 2021 model year. There have been some interesting discoveries surrounding the 2020 Grand Cherokee. Spy photos taken near Fiat Chrysler’s testing facility reveal a red-painted Trackhawk that has been given a totally new hood, complete with what appears to be a large,...

This is the Emperor of Japan’s New Toyota Century Convertible

On April 30 of this year, Japanese Emperor Akihito became the first Japanese royal in 200 years to abdicate his throne. He cited his poor health as the reason for the transition. His departure also meant the end of the Heisei Era of Japanese Emperors. The official transfer of power happened on May 1, but the coronation ceremony is yet...

Modified Mercedes is a tough truck with SUV attitude

G-Wagen a bit too obvious for you? Don’t worry, there’s another beefed-up Mercedes-Benz available, and it’s a third of the price. Meet the X-Class pick-up by Kahn Design. You’ll know something’s up from afar with the Kahn X-Class. Wide wheelarches, big alloys and an AMG GT-style ‘Panamericana’ grille make for a truck with added attitude. The front bumper is more...

Kia Telluride Rakes In Profit as Customers Are Buying Them Loaded

Kia's latest entrant in the competitive mid-size-SUV segment–the handsome Telluride–is proving quite popular. According to a new report from Cox Automotive, it appears to be luring moneyed buyers to the value brand's showrooms. As first reported by Cars Direct, the Telluride's average transaction price since going on sale eight months ago is over $40,000, meaning most buyers are going with...

Patent Hints at New Mazda RX-9, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

New rumors about an upcoming Mazda RX-9 have surfaced online recently. It’s not the first time that a potential successor for the RX-8 has been discussed and anticipated on the internet, so we’re taking everything with a pinch of salt for the time being - Something we advise you to do as well. However, a fresh report claims that Mazda...

2020 Honda CR-V: One Powertrain In, One Powertrain Out

With the launch of the 2020 Honda CR-V, the brand is introducing its first hybrid model sold in the U.S. with all-wheel drive. (Of course, its Acura luxury brand has had a few such models up to this point.) The CR-V hybrid goes on sale early next year and adapts the Honda Accord hybrid's 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle gasoline inline-four, 1.3-kWh battery...

Amazon Rivian deal: online retailer orders 100,000 electric vans for $5bn

Amazon has placed a $5 billion order with startup company Rivian for 100,000 fully electric delivery vans, to hit the road from 2021. The move forms part of Amazon's newly announced climate-change plan, revealed by CEO Jeff Bezos at an event held on Thursday at the National Press Club in the US capital Washington D.C. According to Bezos, Amazon is...

China Accounts For 94% Of Asia-Pacific xEV Battery Deployment In June

We know that China is an EV heavyweight, which already accounts for half or so of global plug-in electric car sales. Compared to Asia-Pacific as a whole, China is basically responsible for all EV sales, or almost all. Adamas Intelligence earlier this year reported that in June 2019, global passenger xEV (BEV/PHEV/HEV) battery deployment was 11.25 GWh, including some 10.2...

Mini Focuses On Small Details With New Floating Wheel Caps

As motoring journalists and photographers, one of the things that kind of irk our sense is when we're shooting the car's wheels. We always want to keep the logo on the wheel hubcap at the right orientation to make the image more aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. That, or we just want the photos to be really perfect. Now,...

How the Volkswagen ID R conquered China's toughest road

The road was built in 2006 to reach the amazing Heaven’s Gate natural arch and other sights atop the mountain. A mammoth project, it snakes and winds up the steep, rocky peak, carved by ingenuity and sheer force of will at angles a road has no place being built. It’s normally only used by a fleet of tourist buses –...

ATS Automobili unveils 591bhp RR Turbo – still want that BAC Mono R?

Following the road-going GT of last year, ATS Automobili has unveiled an all-new, track-only supercar. Developed by the marque’s new ‘Corsa’ division, the RR Turbo will cost from €110,000 (approx. £100,000), and deliveries are expected to commence in spring of next year. Unlike the McLaren MP4-12C-based GT, the new model has been developed entirely in-house in order to keep costs...

Karma Automotive Develops Proprietary “Sound of Silence” for the 2020 Revero GT

Karma Automotive is staying ahead of the curve, having already developed a proprietary sound for the 2020 Revero GT, which they call a “unique sound of silence” and describe as a low-level, throaty-electric hum of the kind we’ve heard in futuristic movies or when you plug an electric guitar. It will be heard on the Revero only when it’s in...

The Tesla Model 3 just earned the IIHS' top safety award

The Tesla Model 3 has earned its first award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and it’s a good one. In crash testing, Tesla’s cheapest model won the organization’s top-tier award, Top Safety Pick+, which means that it scored good or better in the passenger-side small overlap test and the headlight evaluation, areas many automakers struggle with. The Model...

Renault Kwid Facelift Spotted Completely Undisguised

Leaked images of the Renault Kwid facelift have made their way on the internet revealing all the exterior changes on the hatchback. The latest images that appear from inside the plant give us our first real glimpse at the revamped Kwid facelift that will be arriving just in time for the festive season. The updated model also appears to be...

UAW workers strike at GM plants over contract negotiations for pay, plant closures

Tens of thousands of union auto workers at General Motors plants went on strike Monday, the latest salvo in ongoing negotiations between union officials and management for a new contract. At issue between the two sides are pay for workers, health-care costs, added jobs, and productivity. It's the first United Auto Workers strike at GM's plants since 2007, before the...

The Glickenhaus SCG 007 Will Take On The Le Mans Hypercar Class

Along with some big names of the car world, the LMP1-replacing ‘hypercar class’ of the FIA World Endurance Championship will also include some more specialist entries. One of them will be Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus, maker of racing cars and ultra-low volume supercars. The outfit - formed and owned by filmmaker turned automotive entrepreneur James Glickenhaus - has just released a...

Lamborghini Sian doesn't preview Aventador, says design boss

“There was a certain closeness of design between the Reventon and the Aventador. This is exactly what I don’t want to have. There will not be this language in the new Aventador,” Lamborghini design boss Mitja Borkert told Autocar on the sidelines of the Frankfurt show.. The 808bhp Sián FKP 37 unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show won’t continue Lamborghini’s...

KLRegistry's Pick Of The Week - RM377,000 PRICE CAN NEGO!!! UNREGISTER Porsche 718 2.0 Cayman UK SPEC!!!

NEW STOCK !!! NEW STOCK!!! NEW STOCK!!! PRICE CAN NEGO!!! DONT MISS OUT!!! WELCOME TEST DRIVE,WILL GIVE FOR GOOD SERVICE AND BEST PRICE!!! PORSCHE CAYMAN 718 2.0 TURBO Car Chassis Number : 2248 Manufactured 2017 Year Unregister,LOCAL AP HOLDER (KL) Car Specification : * Blue Colour Exterior * Black Colour Interior * 350 Hp / 380 Nm * 4.6 Sec...

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