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Torqtube Sunday Weekly (202002) – Latest Car News

January 12, 2020


These are all the CNY car promos going on in Malaysia right now

Chinese New Year comes early in 2020. And as per the norm for pre-festive periods in Malaysia, carmakers are already scrambling to meet their CNY KPIs with a variety of discounts and promotions that we have conveniently summarised for you below. Happy shopping!

GM Is Reportedly Bringing the Hummer Back as an Electric Pickup

The Hummer brand hasn't been around for over a decade. GM's bankruptcy in the late 2000s and rising fuel prices meant the brand was no longer sustainable, so it was discontinued. Now, it's coming back, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Citing unnamed sources "familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal reports General Motors is finally...

Original 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 from "Bullitt" commands $3.4M at auction

The 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 that starred in the movie 1968 "Bullitt" sold at the Mecum auction in Kissimmee, Florida, on Friday for a reported $3.4 million. The car resurfaced in early 2018 at the Detroit auto show when Ford announced the 2019 Mustang Bullitt model. At the time, Hagerty Insurance CEO Mikheel Hagerty said the car could be...


After decades of mimicking the Russian GAZ 21 Volga, China's exclusive Hongqi marque—once the limousine of party officials but now open to private individuals—has seemingly turned to Rolls-Royce for inspiration. A photo of the upcoming Hongqi H7 sedan has leaked ahead of the start of production in May 2020. The H7 sedan features a very familiar waterfall grille along with...

Toyota is making parts for the classic Supra again

News that Toyota plans to reproduce parts for the previous two generations of Supra will be music to the ears of owners. The marque follows Nissan and Mazda in announcing remanufactured parts support for classic models. Specifically, parts will be reproduced for the A70 (1986-1993) and A80 (1993-2002) generations of Toyota Supra. These will be sold domestically and in overseas...

Bugatti has a new hypercar coming this 2020

Bugatti has something big in store for 2020. Just a few days after the new year, the French hypercar build released shadowy a teaser photo on their social media previewing their upcoming model. There are no details about the new Bugatti just yet, but they did caption the photo with “2020. Year of the Bugatti _____”. The question then is...

Mercedes-Benz Beats BMW, Audi In Global Luxury Brand Sales Race For 2019

Earlier this week, BMW announced itself as the most successful luxury carmaker in the U.S. for 2019 as far as sales are concerned, moving 324,826 units. In total, the Bavarian brand sold a record 2.17 million cars last year, which despite being very impressive, still fell short of the year Mercedes managed to put together with 2.34 million vehicles sold...

Rolls-Royce Cashes In On 2019's Spectacular Sales

Rolls-Royce had its best year ever in 2019. The iconic British motorcar manufacturer announced record sales and profits last year, showing a 25% increase in volume compared to 2018. This windfall comes mostly courtesy of their new SUV, the Cullinan, which has proved to be extremely in-demand despite its controversial looks. Let’s dive deeper into Rolls’ performance and the dilemma...

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR
Mercedes-Benz "Avatar" concept looks ahead to more environmentally responsible batteries

Rare-earth metals drive up the cost of electric-car production and take a larger toll on environments when not responsibly or legally mined. It's one of few blemishes on electric-vehicle production since the 1990s that persist to today. One concern with graphene batteries was that they might introduce another reliance on rare-earth metals or precious metals that may be irresponsibly mined....

2020 Honda Civic Type R Is Still Suitably Wild

After arriving to much anticipation in the U.S. in 2017, Honda's Civic Type R heads into 2020 with a significant refresh. The first-ever Type R to reach our shores, the Civic showed up with a 306-hp turbo engine and wild styling peppered with spoilers and wings and things. Our favorite hot hatch's in-your-face attitude is unchanged, but its suspension, brakes,...

Harley-Davidson Name and Badge Finally Grace a GMC Sierra

What do they say about an old dog learning new tricks? After 20 years of putting the famous motorcycle's name on Ford F-150 special editions, now the Harley-Davidson logo will be on the 2020 GMC Sierra. The motorcycle manufacturer continues its collaboration with the Tuscany Motor Company to build out the Harley-Davidson GMC Sierra, complete with the Harley name on...

Does Aston Martin’s V-12 Speedster Teaser Confirm the CC100 Speedster Concept Is Heading to Production?

Aston Martin wants to build a V-12-powered speedster. Does it sound odd to you? It shouldn’t, because AM’s rivals have got a head start and are either currently selling a speedster or found themselves very close to launching one on the market. There’s Ferrari’s Monza SP2, Porsche’s 911 Speedster, and McLaren’s Elva. Even Bentley has been rumored to be considering...

BMW X2 hybrid confirmed for summer 2020

The BMW X2 is set to become the latest member of the German brand's line-up to offer a plug-in hybrid drivetrain. The manufacturer has confirmed that an X2 xDrive25e – using the same powertrain as the X1 plug-in hybrid – will be launched this summer. Exact UK specifications and pricing for the X2 hybrid will be announced in the coming...

Toyota GR Yaris Breaks Cover With 257 Horsepower, All-Wheel Drive

The Yaris hasn’t exactly been the most exciting car in its segment, but Toyota changed our opinion about the supermini when it unveiled the supercharged GRMN back in 2017. A new generation of the subcompact hatchback debuted several months ago and it’s already getting the high-performance treatment courtesy of a GR version positioned below a very possible GRMN variant Toyota...

New Subaru Levorg STi revealed as warm estate

Making its debut in prototype form ahead of a market launch in Japan later this year, the Levorg STi brings styling tweaks inspired by Subaru’s rallying heritage, alongside technical upgrades aimed at enhancing the driving experience. The range-topper is set apart from the standard second-generation Levorg with a performance-inspired bodywork package that includes a redesigned front splitter, a prominent rear...

Volkswagen Up GTI returns for 2020

The Volkswagen Up GTI has returned to dealership order sheets after a sustained period off sale in the UK. Despite its popularity amongst both the press and punters, the Up GTI was another victim of WLTP-related emissions legislation that forced the model off-sale last year. Now though, the Up GTI is back, topping the updated Up range in both three-...

Volkswagen UNITED Special Editions Celebrate UEFA Euro 2020 Championship

Given the popularity of the sport, does it come as a surprise that Volkswagen wants a piece of the action in order to sell a few more vehicles in the Old Continent? Enter the UNITED (stylized in capital letters) special edition, which can be summed up as a visual package with a few exclusive badges. The Atlantic Blue Metallic paintwork...

First production prototype Ferrari F50 supercar going up for sale

Vintage car company Worldwide Auctioneers is putting up a highly covetable Ferrari for auction this month — the first production prototype of the Ferrari F50 supercar, and the last Ferrari with a five-digit serial number, will go under the hammer next week. Ferrari fitted the F50 with a 4.7-litre V12 making 520 horsepower and 347 lb.-ft. of torque. That’s enough...

You Can Now Order A Honda NSX In A Classic First-Gen Colour

With the Civic Type R being treated to a whole raft of tweaks, it looks as though Honda didn’t want the NSX to feel left out. As such it now has (drumroll please) a new colour. Not the most significant change, but don’t forget, the NSX had its own set of updates applied not so long ago. Oh, and the...


LAMBORGHINI is claiming it will soon be the first car manufacturer to integrate Amazon Alexa in its vehicles, allowing drivers to adjust functions such as navigation, heating, interior lighting, and even smart home features — such as opening a garage door — via voice commands. Owners of current generation BMW and Mercedes cars may be a bit miffed by the...

CES 2020: These car tech innovations will change your life

CES 2020 is a wonderful yet bewildering place, jam-packed with available-right-now tech and never-will-be moonshots in equal measure. It's hard to find -- let alone make sense of -- the automobiles, technology and services that will impact you, the consumer. We're here to help. Going beyond Roadshow's favorite bits of mobility tech and the best cars and concepts, here are...

Corvette buyers can document their history-making C8s with a build book

Each person who buys a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will be taking ownership of a piece of company history. As most well know, this is the first Corvette with a mid-engined layout, and it shifts the way the brand is thinking about performance. It's a landmark vehicle, and future auctions will reflect that. Aiming to make the experience of buying a...

China: No cuts planned in 2020 for green subsidies

BEIJING -- China will not make significant cuts to subsidies for new energy vehicles this year, signaling that government policy will remain relatively stable, state media quoted the country's industry ministry as saying on Saturday. Earlier, Miao Wei, China's minister for industry and information technology, told a forum that the country would not cut subsidies for new energy vehicles again...

fisker debuts ocean electric SUV with built-in 'karaoke mode' at CES 2020

live from las vegas: fisker unveiled its ocean crossover today (january 6th) in los angeles just ahead of CES 2020 in las vegas. the american automaker provided details on price of the upcoming electric SUV as well as revealing other new features such as a karaoke mode. the ocean will start at $37,499 USD putting it in the same price...

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